Personal Coaching by E-mail


Review of your current dietary and lifestyle habits, and health concerns, via a questionnaire. Feedback will be provided by e-mail, along with support for 6 weeks for follow-up questions.

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This is a review of your current dietary and lifestyle habits, and any health concerns, via a questionnaire. I will offer customized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on this review, and provide it to you by e-mail. I will also help to get you started with the supplement protocol if needed.

I will also be able to provide more detailed and personalized support for any difficulties you may be having with the supplement protocol, or identify if you are not following it optimally. I will not likely recommend any modifications to the supplements outlined on the protocol page, as everything needs to be taken in a specific combination.

Following the initial assessment, e-mail support will be offered for 6 weeks to answer any follow-up questions.

E-mail coaching package includes:

  • Review of your diet, lifestyle, and current health
  • Feedback by e-mail to provide nutritional or lifestyle recommendations
  • An opportunity to ask questions relevant to your specific needs
  • 6 weeks of e-mail support for follow-up questions