My Story

Through nearly my entire teenage and adult life I’ve struggled with chronic health problems. Though ‘mild’ and not debilitating, these issues made life feel very difficult and unenjoyable, even the smallest tasks felt like big challenges. Problems included susceptibility to infection (strep throat in particular), skin problems (fungal infections, hair loss), hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, poor metabolism, chronic fatigue, blood sugar regulation issues (suspected), high anxiety, and depression, among other things. I never understood why I was always ‘unlucky’ when it came to my health, whereas most people seemed to be getting through life with much more ease.

I went to countless doctors for many of the conditions above, had numerous courses of antibiotics, tried a variety of medications, and over the course of 15-20 years I was never once able to find relief. My problems gradually worsened until I reached my early 30’s where I found it difficult to come up with reasons why life was worth living.

Feeling like I was out of options, I began scouring online for other people who may have been facing similar problems as me. That is when I first starting reading posts and stories of people who were having at least some success by combining a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements to address their conditions. With nothing left to lose, I went to my local health food store and stocked up. Within days of trying a handful of supplements, I felt huge changes within my body. My energy and health soared to heights I hadn’t felt since childhood. I finally felt like there might be hope in figuring out why my body was always struggling.

What’s most shocking to me, is that over my many trips to clinics and doctors offices, not once was I told about the impact diet and/or supplementation could have on any of my conditions. Not once were my vitamin D levels checked (vitamin D is critical to a strong immune system). Not once were my zinc or copper intakes measured (also vital to many cellular processes). Vitamins and minerals so critical to all biological functions were completely overlooked by all healthcare providers. I later realized, of course, that doctors receive minimal training in the importance of vitamins & minerals or the effect they can have on the body, and the role diet can play. I knew that I was on to something, and understood why the medical system and medication wasn’t able to help me — it’s not designed to.


Though the initial feelings of energy I felt after first trying supplements subsided somewhat, it still left me feeling better than I had in a long long time and I was determined to figure out how to achieve that feeling again and to make sure I held on to it. Over the next 5 years, through research, experimentation, and trial & error, The CORE ENERGY protocol was finalized. It put me back on track to reaching the health that I knew was possible to achieve. The specific combination of supplements helped my body clear out excess toxins that had been stored and were inhibiting proper cellular function, while also optimizing the vitamin and mineral balances required for metabolic processes to operate effectively. By doing so, I allowed the body to do what it is truly capable of – to heal from problems I had struggled with for so long.

While we like to think we’re advanced when it comes to medical technology, the truth is we still have a very limited understanding of how many biological systems in the body work at a molecular level. The body’s immune system has an amazing ability to heal, if given the nutrients it needs, that exceeds our current medical understanding. On top of this, very little in-depth research is being done on the function and effectiveness of combinations of vitamins & minerals in the body simply because it is very difficult and expensive to design the necessary studies, and as none of this research can be patented there is very little interest from corporations to provide the funding necessary to support it.

I have a background in Cellular Biology, with 3 years worth of university undergraduate courses. I ultimately graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and earned a minor in Cellular Biology. The reason I switched from Biology to Business was because at the time I didn’t have the view that I have now, and I felt underwhelmed with the career prospects in biological research or conventional medicine. As I neared the end of creating this protocol I decided to return to school to earn a diploma in diet and nutrition. I am now a Registered Health Coach, and am working on completing my training to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

– Paul

Improved Health Conditions

Below is a list of conditions myself or others have found improvement in by taking the Core Energy Protocol. Note that I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, especially if you have specific concerns you’re trying to address. I’m only offering what I’ve found has worked for myself and provide general guidance where I can.

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